Pay Bill

Please include your account number in the additional information section of the pay screen after clicking the link below. Your account number is located in the upper right hand corner of the fee statement.

Credit Card and Online

As a convenience to our clients, the Firm accepts payment for the Firm’s services via credit cards, ACH and certain online payment processing services. The use of these services carries potential privacy and confidentiality risks. Before using one of these services, you should review and elect the privacy setting that ensures that information relating to the Firm’s representation of you is not inadvertently disclosed to the public at large. 

Credit card and ACH payments by their nature will reveal certain information such as your identity to the credit card company or banking institution and the payment processor in the transaction. The processing may also reveal your credit card number, banking information, your address and other related information. The firm has advised you regarding the confidentiality risks to using credit card or ACH processing for payment of retainers or fee bills. 

If you elect to pay your retainer or any subsequent fee bill with a credit card, the Firm will charge a convenience fee of no more than the actual cost to the Firm for processing the payment in addition to the retainer or fee bill amount. The current fee is equal to 3.0% of the credit card payment. The Firm does not charge a convenience fee for the ACH option.