Title: Staff Spotlight: Legal Assistant Emily Sosebee and Paralegal Mary Hemphill


May 5, 2021

People seeking legal representation become familiar with a firm’s attorneys. But it takes a larger team effort to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. 

Emily Sosebee

Emily Sosebee started with our firm as a receptionist, greeting all who walked through the doors of our East Memphis flagship office. Now a legal assistant for our real estate practice group, she is known for her ability to build and maintain relationships. Spend even a few moments with Emily and you will experience her professionalism and dedication to client service.

Although born in Charleston, South Carolina, Emily calls Mississippi home. Raised in a military family, she was given many opportunities to travel. But Emily continues to take pride in her Southern roots, which she credits for her stellar hospitality and relationship-building skills. 

Prior to joining our firm, Emily worked in the service industry as a bartender and event coordinator. She also served as a kennel technician and receptionist at several animal hospitals in Mississippi. In each of these roles, Emily excelled as a team player, honing her communications skills, dealing with confidential information, and establishing a rapport with her clients — all of which she continues to build upon as an integral part of the Harris Shelton team. 

Mary Hemphill

Our entire team works to ensure that ease and efficiency are hallmarks of the client experience. Mary Hemphill – a paralegal for our real estate practice group – has a legacy and familial connection to our firm that makes delivering top-notch legal services second nature.

Mary practically grew up at Harris Shelton where her mother, Mary Dinah Buchignani, worked for more than 60 years. By the time the younger Mary entered high school, her mother had brought her to the office so frequently that Mary began to build her own relationships with the Harris Shelton team. She became a trusted friend who would often babysit the children of our attorneys. When Mary met her husband years later, several of the members insisted on meeting John before their relationship evolved. Like her mother before her, Mary Hemphill shares a strong bond with our firm.

Mary officially began working for Harris Shelton as a runner when she was in high school – a role she continued until college. Upon graduating from Rhodes College, Mary moved to Washington D.C. before returning home to Memphis. She has remained a part of the Harris Shelton family ever since. 

Today, Mary works with both residential and commercial real estate clients, paying close attention to details, acting as a point of contact, listening to their needs, and building their trust. She also drafts documents for real estate closings and conducts research on real estate and corporate issues. Mary takes pride in her work and enjoys finding alternate solutions to problems through research and analysis. 

“My mother showed me by example the value of hard work and both of my parents encouraged me to be the best version of myself that I could be,” she said. “That meant living with honor, integrity, and loyalty. I feel like this firm embodies that sentiment.”

Harris Shelton is proud to have Emily and Mary. We extend our appreciation to these brilliant people and their dedication to our attorneys and clients.