Litigation & Dispute Resolution



Litigation needs are sensitive and unique to each case and client. Harris Shelton’s team of more than 30 litigation attorneys are highly skilled in navigating every stage of the process, crafting analyses and approaches based on the particular facts of each legal matter.

Our litigators are routinely recognized by their peers, and have received individual recognition from groups such as Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice Areas

Harris Shelton attorneys have strong defense and plaintiff practices, and we are proud to represent clients on either side in multi-million-dollar lawsuits. The firm is skilled at representing individuals, businesses, and government entities in matters as varied as commercial disputes, criminal defense, municipal law, personal injury, and professional liability defense, among many others.

Our firm also has attorneys who are trained and certified mediators. Mediation allows parties to resolve matters without incurring the full brunt of litigation expenses. Our professionals are skilled at aiding parties in attempting to reach a resolution without requiring a trial, and dedicated to spending the time and energy to make the mediation process go as smoothly as possible.

We routinely represent clients in or mediate the many types of disputes, including:

Appellate Advocacy
Our firm is an established regional leader in appellate matters. Our attorneys have argued a wide variety of cases before state and federal appellate courts, with considerable success.

Commercial Litigation
Our commercial litigators have experience representing clients in matters impacting large and small businesses, including disputes over competitive practices, contracts, fees, intellectual property, shareholder disagreements, confidentiality, non-competes, non-solicitation, trade secrets, and “bet the company” litigation where the very existence of businesses were at stake.

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Criminal Defense
Harris Shelton has successfully represented criminal defendants in a wide variety of cases, including matters involving misdemeanors, felonies, and capital defense.

Construction Litigation
Our experience in construction litigation matters includes representing owners, residential contractors, and commercial contractors in disputes over construction defects and the enforcement of construction liens.

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Election Law
Harris Shelton’s team is privileged to include election law expert John Ryder, who holds invaluable experience defending clients in front of the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance, through academic work as an adjunct professor, and through service as litigation counsel for the Shelby County Election Commission.

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Eminent Domain Law

Eminent domain law concerns the power of the state or federal government to take private property for public use. Harris Shelton’s eminent domain team ensures private citizens are aware of their rights, and they are appropriately compensated for their property.

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Employment & Labor Law
Harris Shelton’s attorneys have extensive experience representing both employers and employees in matters concerning age, race, and sex discrimination, wrongful termination, and more.

Family Law
Harris Shelton attorneys are skilled at representing clients going through divorce, whether contested or uncontested.

Health Care Litigation
Our lawyers provide health care professionals and health care entities with the strong litigation strategies and counseling they need throughout each case, including in matters involving allegations of fraud, malpractice, and abuse. We represent:

  • Hospitals
  • Physicians
  • Physicians’ groups
  • Ambulatory surgical facilities
  • Behavioral health centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Home care providers

As one of the largest health care liability practice groups in the Mid-South for over 50 years, our attorneys possess the skills and experience to tackle even the most complex cases. If you’re looking for representation, reach out to one of our health care lawyers today.

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Intellectual Property Litigation
More than a dozen of our attorneys have successfully navigated copyright, trademark, and trade secret disputes, in addition to other intellectual property matters. They regularly represent and consult with businesses and individuals to protect their rights and interests in the intellectual property they worked so hard to create..

Landlord/Tenant Law
Members of our real estate team have developed considerable skill at helping property owners resolve landlord and tenant disputes involving both residential and commercial property. Whether the matter is complex, involves a troubled asset, or seems straightforward, our attorneys’ experience is a vital tool for individuals and companies looking to protect their rights in the property they own.

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Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution
Harris Shelton is highly sought-after for mediating disputes between parties outside of the courtroom. Our team of extremely qualified mediators includes award-winning civil trial specialist Jerry Potter brings more than four decades of legal experience and insights from more than 1,500 cases mediated since 1997.

Municipal Law
Harris Shelton’s municipal law attorneys are skilled in a range of matters affecting cities and towns, including civil rights cases, constitutional claims, city contracts, issues arising from the Public Records Act, school board litigation and personal injury lawsuits. Our experience includes the  seminal case Citizens to Preserve Overton Park v. Volpe.

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Transportation Litigation
Our firm’s experience in transportation litigation includes representation of commercial motor carriers in ongoing litigation and aiding carriers in best practices to avoid and/or minimize future litigation.

Personal Injury
Harris Shelton attorneys have successfully represented clients who suffered injuries in accidents involving motor vehicles, slip-and-falls, professional liability, and more. No case is too large or too small. Our attorneys have experience representing clients in accidents involving catastrophic injuries and damages.

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Products Liability
Our legal teams have successfully defended both retail product and medical device manufacturers against claims of bad faith, personal injury, allegations of corporate negligence and allegations of defective or malfunctioning products.

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Professional Liability Defense
Harris Shelton’s professional liability team boasts significant experience defending legal claims made against attorneys, architects, engineers, dentists, accountants, directors and officers, real estate brokers and agents, insurance brokers and financial planners.

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Workers’ Compensation Defense
Our firm’s seasoned business and corporate law team can help employers navigate the complex legal maze of workers’ compensation claims from start to finish.

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